Since I caught on to the idea about blogging, making money with my blog and helping others make money with theirs it has never let go of me.

You may ask how it is done, or more exactly, how Timothy believes how it is done.

Well, it all goes back to my first book, Boredom to Brilliance and I made a lot of mistakes and tried out a lot of things that didn’t work. I guess it is par for the course and a lot of the reason for it was because I had no idea what I was doing.

But, when I came across a blogging platform company that was offering a way to earn income every month by promoting and selling that platform for commissions I was hooked.

The purpose of the book is to find ways to express yourself. One of the best ways to do that is to own your own broadcasting platform. A blog is a broadcasting platform.

I had wanted to sell subscriptions to my own newsletter, where I would provide content and they would pay a monthly subscription for it.

However, I never want to sell something to people if they can’t make money with it too. That is what got me interested in Affiliate Marketing.

But something bothered me about that too. Lets say if I personally sold 10 subscriptions, and 5 of those subscribers also promoted the newsletter, I would get proceeds from all of those working “for” me. If you have 6 layers, the company owner earns from each level but the guys doing the heavy lifting just get their part.

That isn’t fair. They should also be given credit for all of the sales made in his organization, network marketing in other words.

So, the company that had the idea in the first place is no more, but the idea is still there and I will say, this program is just as if not more compelling, because it offers not only the blog, but domain hosting, meaning you can have another regular website and it also comes with 10 email address. So if you use as your domain, then you can have 10 email addresses for the same money. Each email has complete privacy. This way if you have a family, you can have a family blog, and each person in the family would be able to have their own email address., and so on.

I love to write and record the things that happen in my life if for no other reason than to write my own memories down and display videos or pictures of relevant events.

Who would not want that? You can password protect it if you want. But, for a small monthly fee, you can build your income that far surpasses your current income and it is such a simple thing to do.

I am really excited I have this back up and running and this is what I really want to promote!

Have a great day. If you want to blog, make money promoting it just click here to watch the brief presentation. Remember, there is an even more powerful way to earn income using this exact same program when you upgrade to premium!

This is the best thing ever! 


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