When I think about the great opportunity that affiliate programs offer regular everyday people I get very excited because I believe it is the best way for people to be able to grow their income in a simple way.

Why is it simple?

It is based on the premise of building an internet based business by:

  1. Buying the tools necessary to build an internet based business (Getting Started)
  2. Using the tools to build an internet based business. (Working)
  3. Promoting those tools that you are using to others so they can build an internet based business (Marketing)
  4. Earning commissions when other people purchase the tools necessary to build an internet based business. (Sales) Showing others how to get started. (Step 1)

That is it in a nutshell:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Working with the tools
  3. Marketing (Telling others about it on the internet)
  4. Sales (Showing others how to get started)

This simple process can be done over and over again automatically through the use of blogs(websites) , email autoresponders, funnel programs.

This website is one of the simplest programs around and it is an all in one package that gives you simple blog, 10 email addresses but most of all is “leveraged”.

Why is that important?

Because you can earn income on sales made by those who registered with you as a customer and affiliate.

Why is this a powerful program?

Because of the cost of the product and the potential return of income when promoting this product.

The MOST powerful way to see the potential of this program is to use the factor of 10.

  • Product Cost:                        $10/Month
  • Affiliate Commission:        $1/Month/Sale (10%)
  • Sales made by you:              10 = $10.
    • (Covers basic cost of program) Level 1 down.
  • Sales made by those 10   = 100 sales
    • $100 commissions to you. Level 2 down
  • Sales made in the next level = 10,000
    • $1000 commissions to you Level 3 down
  • Sales made in the next level = 100,000
    • $10,000 commissions to you Level 4
  • Sales made in the next level = 1,000,000
    • $100,000 commissions to you (Level 5)

That amounts to $111,110 in commissions to you PER MONTH if everyone in your team only makes 10 sales per month.

Multiply that by 12 months = $1,333,320 a year income.

Cost for the product per year. (12 x $10=$120)

That is a 111.11% return on the cost of the program.

Now of course your numbers aren’t going to fall in perfectly, people will get started and quit just as in anything else and some may do more than others.

But, you can guarantee your success because you can sell an unlimited number of them to others, as they too can and you earn 10% on every sale 5 levels deep.

Here is the income calculator for this program so you can see the potential.

This is the simplest, least expensive and highest potentially rewarding program in existence that I have found because it is based on the principle of…

Having the tools to build an automatic income on the internet and helping others do the same.

Why is $120 a year a good deal?

You get a domain name, a hosting account, word press blog, 10 email addresses owned by you, marketing websites, promotional materials and a rewarding leveraged monthly income stream online.

This isn’t an investment. An investment is something you put money into and expect a return from that investment without having to do anything yourself. (Stock Market, Bonds, Savings Accounts, Mutual Funds etc.)

This is a business opportunity, where you acquire something to sell for a price, promote it to others and earn sales commissions based on sales made by you and those in your organization.

This is a program that is affordable by anyone, can be promoted by anyone and make anyone who does it an automatic residual income stream. (Meaning you have to do something for it, market and sales)

Watch this simple video, which you can also use to promote your business, and get started today.

Remember, people will do what you do so you have to ask yourself the question…

What do I want people to do?

Answer would be:  I want people to get started as soon as the video ends. (Which they can because there is a 7 Day trial for free)

Keep in mind, there is one thing that I really love about this program…it hasn’t changed much at all. So, once you get started, you will always have the same system. That way you don’t have to relearn the website. Simple!

Get Started Today and Help Someone Else Get Started TODAY!

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