Why do I have THIS blog?

Because I wrote a book called “Boredom to Brilliance” where I give some principles about creating an artistic mission doing what you love and sharing it with the world and using a couple of ideas that can expand your talents as well as your exposure over time.

There is a natural process on earth that we can lock into when making our art and our businesses grow organically and this blogging platform is something that has a built-in mechanism for doing just that.

The process is made of

  1. Creation
  2. Duplication
  3. Multiplication
  4. Automation
  5. Eternal Existence

Well, when we look at nature we see that this process has been in effect for millions and billions of years.

First, something must be created. When something is created it is on a crash course towards deteriorating unless it can be duplicated. That duplication implies multiplication because if it stops at duplication it will also die. It must multiply so that the numbers get such that it keeps growing and can sort of pollinate itself. When the process gets into automation, where the cycle of the seasons does not kill it, it becomes automated and then that plant or animal can endure forever.

For our art to endure, or a business, it must also go through this process.

First, you have to create it. That is a difficult thing to do. Create something of value for others.

Second, you have to duplicate it. If you only make one of something, when it is sold, it is gone and you have to start over again. When you can duplicate yourself then one creation can be reproduced and resold, over and over again.

Thirdly, you have to multiply it. When your duplication has succeeded, then it is necessary to multiply it so that its growth becomes exponential. This way, one creation can be sold thousands of times.

4th if you can automate its multiplication, which is very possible in today’s internet media world, then you have a machine that can last for eternity. You just keep turning the wheels and that one creation can take over the world.

Now, for the purposes of this blog, it may not come to that, but it could.

What makes that possible.

As I stated in my book, everyone wishes they had someone to blow their horn for them so other people can know you exist. But with your own blog, you can do that yourself rather easily.

The idea is that, instead of subscribing to someone else’s website, that you subscribe to your own. Doesn’t that make more sense to you? It does to me too!

That is what is actually happening here. When you purchase this program that gives you a personalized domain name, website, blog and 10 email addresses, you are buying your own subscription. Then you can tell others about it and they can do the same thing and so on.

When someone else subscribes to their own domain, web address, blog and 10 email addresses using your affiliate link, you earn a commission. Now we are talking pennies here mind you, but the power is in the numbers.

Now, how to do this?

Consider Netflix or Amazon Prime. They sell memberships at $9 or $14 a month and make hundreds of billions of dollars a month selling programming that nobody has the time to watch. Granted, it is very sophisticated, but here is what I am saying…

Why not subscribe to your own site, show others how to subscribe to their own site? Isn’t their own story more compelling than any they could possibly watch on television? I should think so.

Honestly, I know that this seems like a ridiculous idea that you could create a million dollar business for $10 a month and some hustle, but there is no better money making potential than this.

This business model is called a Microbusiness. Making it possible for people with very little money to create an income by starting their own website and helping this company sell it’s website to others.

Imagine, an unlimited income potential for $10 per month, selling people a subscription to their own website.

Click here to get started and thanks for allowing me to be your sponsor.




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