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Thank you for visiting my website!

Let me be perfectly transparent about the purpose of this website. I am building this website to earn income using:

  • the internet
  • my laptop computer
  • affiliate programs
  • one network marketing program

The purpose for designing the method I am using is to create a monthly positive cash flow for my business.

I am designing it so that it anyone can do it rather easily.

I am looking for 30 dedicated people to help me achieve the goal of creating a living income on automatic pilot.

For your dedication I will help you build your business just like I am building mine so your results can be predictable and that your ability to refer your 30 will not be a Herculean task.

Then you help those 30 who dedicate themselves to your leadership to reach their own goals for earning income this way.

We will be building an…

  • automatic
  • monthly
  • residual
  • income


Cost of this method is $25 + $125 + $15 per month or $165.00

The commissions are $20 + $100 + $5 per sale or $125. Two sales and you are in profit. $250 – $165 = $85/month profit in just 2 sales.

30 Sales just multiply $125 x 28 = $3,500 automatic monthly recurring income for as long as everyone stays active.

$3,500 x 12 = $42,000 a year profit before taxes (1099 tax forms)

Admittedly that is not the world, but, it will pay most people’s expenses and then some, or provide extra income to use for investing in assets that produce income.

The most important factors for me are functionality, affordability, commission percentages, and that they are residual in nature.

There is nothing very original about what I do, nor the products that I pick, because I want to keep it simple for you.

Mostly, I want to show you that there is a clear cut path to earning an automatic residual income online with products I use anyway online.

The advantages to this is it is easy to understand and simple to explain. Because the products are all online there is nothing to ship or store, the transaction for the customer/affiliate is with the company, the products are immediately deliverable and they can have larger commission percentages.

Have a great day!

Timothy Simpson

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