One argument that cynics will tell you about referral marketing business models is that it is unfair because at some point you are going to run out of people.

First of all, there are billions of people on earth. About 330 million of them live in the United States, which is a large number until you consider the size of China, which is about 4 times that size.

But one factor that people miss is the number of people turning 18 every year, graduating high school.

Well over 3 million kids graduate from high school every year in the USA. There are more than enough new prospective customers, affiliates, and networkers coming into the legal age of owning a business than could ever be exhausted.

I remember when I turned 18 and my friends and I were looking for ways to make money. Back then, there weren’t so many opportunities for kids like us.

Today, affiliate and network marketing offer kids a low priced way of starting a business that belongs to them.

If there is one thing I have learned through my involvement with music is that getting an early start is so important to have huge success.

I dare say that if presented correctly to those who are interested in doing affiliate and or network marketing could be a major selling point to that age group.

Youth tend to be very we motivated, and doing the same thing others are doing is not a hard sell, especially when you consider that they can make much more money doing this than working at McDonald’s or waiting tables to pay for stuff they want.

Whatever the feasibility of young people to do well is another issue, but clearly, there are enough of them to create a compelling future for themselves.

There are enough people. Marketing puts you in front of them. That is the work of marketing.