We don’t have control over very much in our lives. In fact, doesn’t it feel like sometimes we have control over nothing at all?

When I look at life around me I see everyone running around, me included, of course, trying to get in control over their lives and finding out that they have none.

What we do is usually dependent on other people or outside forces.

When I reconsider the internet marketing space including affiliate marketing and network marketing, I see something that we can have complete control over. We can have control over what we do in our business.

Of course, we depend on others and companies to cooperate, but really, the business itself and what you do in your business is 100% dependent upon you.

If for no other reason, doing this gives me full and complete control over the content and the quality I can create.

We have control over only one thing and that is what we do everyday in our business and that should give us something high to work for.