If you take a good long look at world history and ask yourself the question “What has endured throughout history?” you would quickly have to answer that it would be religions.

Religions have outlasted everything else. Why?

Because it is about being a member of something bigger than yourself that gives your life meaning. It is something that you can say you belong to of your own free will. You are involved with it for a segment of your life but it determines your entire life.

Whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, and any other religion that exists, people have been following the tenets of those religions for thousands of years and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Religions are about the spiritual part of our lives. But the spiritual part of life is not our entire life. We also have the financial part, the familial part, the career part, the physical part and the social part as well. All very important to us because we can share our lives with others who have the same goals and aspirations as we do.

Outside of religions there are also groups that we belong to that are unified behind a single project. Whether it be a yacht club, a golf club, a tennis club, a bridge club, or a sports club, we join these organizations to practice something we like to do.

In terms of careers there are also organizations that unify professions in different ways so they can meet and talk about that topic and become more proficient in it.

The realm of the internet has blown open the possibilities of unifying like minded people like nothing else has. You can form organizations that span the globe quite easily and quickly. We see it happening in negative ways, but there are also positive ways to create a better life for people the world over.

What is lacking right now is a compelling unifying group designed to lift people up financially, emotionally, and professionally with the highest of ethics.

I am involved in a membership that is a great thing to be a part of and will stand the test of time because it is founded in the best business and leadership practices developed over the 20th Century.

Right now the membership is relatively small but I think it will grow over time to become a serious leader in the world. It is still flying under the radar, but will soon be a household word.

One of the best things about this organization is that its membership offers residual income when the affiliates promote and sell the memberships to others. The commission percentage is 80% on all products thus far.

That means when you sell a $125 Premiere Membership you will receive a $100 dollar commission. These commissions are monthly because it re-bills every month.

The focus of this Membership is the topic of “Home Business”. The subjects that are discussed in this group in an educational training website surrounding businesses based from homes using internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, personal development, regular reading of pertinent books, and a community which meets on a regular basis either live or on recorded live sessions.

The idea behind this group is to build residual income using the products and memberships within a company in a straight forward affiliate model. It is not linked to a certain Network Marketing company.

Memberships are valuable because they grow your network of people who share the same vision which gives you social proof when marketing this to those looking for ways to earn income online from home, or anywhere.

If you are interested in finding out more about this membership I invite you to enter your information below to watch the video presentation that explains everything.