I recently visited my cousins out in Seattle and was talking to my cousin’s daughter who had just left her job as a beautician/coiffeuse to become an independent business.

She said that the difference between the two is incredible and these are the reasons why…

No boss.
Set your own schedule.
Make more money.
Maintain a more consistent customer base.
More tax deductions.
The feeling of independence.

Of course, there are downsides to it as well, but she said the biggest difference is the feeling of freedom and pride in creating your own business and the ability to be there when her family needs her.

That is what we are trying to do here with affiliate product commissions. It isn’t to have a life without work, it is to have work that gives you independence and freedom.

There are many things to learn, like how to keep records, what taxes do you have to deal with, when and how to report them and also being able to project the future so you can plan for success.

But these are learnable. When you have it figured out then all that is left to do is create more business. Therefore it is very important to have your financial system in place so that you are free to do what you need to most and that is to create more business and more revenue.

Turn it off!

I have been driving for Uber. I decided to give it a try because I couldn’t get a regular job because my responsibilities require the ability to be flexible in my schedule.

What I love about it is that you turn Uber drive On and Off, and in that instant, you are either “working” or “off.” You don’t even have to schedule it. You just turn it on and off.

Once I hit my daily quota I am “done” and don’t think about it anymore. Freeing the mind, giving space and relaxation so that you can re-create yourself.

Being independent means realizing that you are responsible for your life and that gives you great power.

This is what building a business online is all about. It is about being your own boss, building independence, creating value for others and being a truly productive member of society.

When entrepreneurs are successful, jobs are created and unemployment goes down. This is what society needs the most. Employing people to help you build your vision is a gift to them because not everyone is capable nor wants to be a business owner. Most people will be happy being a good and valued employee who shares in the vision you have.

Your customers or clients need what you have to offer because they have problems that need to be solved.

In the beginning and in the end, doing affiliate marketing is a great way to break into entrepreneurship because you are involved in one of the most important aspects of business and that is marketing and advertising.

One of the greatest things about what we do is that we are also helping others upon the path of becoming entrepreneurs. It is a noble pursuit.

So, it is about more than just the products or the compensation plan, it is about becoming independent business owners and entrepreneurs to create a compelling future.