The concept of affiliate marketing is actually quite simple. A company pays the affiliate a commission based on a sale the affiliate produced of their product or service.

That is simple enough to understand.

But it is often not clear what the most efficient way to build an income is. Therefore, the concept I propose is literally a cookie cutter type of program.

#1 People are looking for one way, not a million ways.

This idea is based solely on the goal of earning a consistent income using the internet by creating a business online.

What is the business we are building?

It is a business to help people build a business online just like we are.

It is literally copied and pasted.

So what do you need to build a business online the simplest way?

You need things to sell. Those things will be the building blocks of your business, not only for you but also for your customers/affiliates and they will in turn also promote and sell those same products to their customers/affiliates.

The idea works because you can show that the concept works.

#2 People don’t want to pay a lot to get started.

It doesn’t cost much.

You need a blog, a personally hosted website, an autoresponder for email communication and lead capture pages at the very minimum. It helps to have a training program that pays great commissions as well.

So, you can literally start to do this business for under $300 a month.

Heck, you actually don’t even have to use the tools, you are only using them so that you can make commissions from them.

So you can just say, here, buy these, and you can sell them for a commission of a certain dollar amount. For every customer you have, you can sell them multiple products and they will want it because they can then turn around and sell them to their customers.

Let us say you have 10 customers and sell them 5 products each, that is 50 sales, with a monthly residual income potential attached to it. Let’s assume you average 20 dollars commission per sale, that comes to $1000 per month when those 10 customers buy all the products.

However, if one of those products is a part of a network marketing plan, then your income would become more because your team sales volume could grow.

You see, I don’t buy and use products because I love them, I buy them because they produce the right kind of income and because I can use them in my business…and so can you.

The idea is that you simply do what your sponsor does.

1st step is to get started. What does that mean?

It means you buy all of the products.

The 2nd step you sign up for their affiliate compensation plan.

The 3rd step you promote this concept and plan to as many people you can, either personally or by using the products you bought.

Yes, the purpose of the products is to make money as an affiliate while also using them to¬†build my business. I won’t buy any product where I can’t do that.

One of the best things about the affiliate/network marketing model is the motivational, inspirational, and wisdom building things you learn while doing it.

One reason I am in the HBA is due to the fact that this is a great resource for consistent and active working on getting better in life and in business.