I am returning to the topic of retirement because it is something that I and many of my friends and of course the general population is facing, or is already in.

One of the most difficult things about retirement as I see it is that you stop making new income and may not have a mission or job in life that creates a huge hole in your existence.

One of the best things about retirement is that this can be the most profitable time in your life.

When I look at my parent’s life, I know that they earned a lot more money in retirement than they ever did during their work years. This was the product of two major factors.

  1. My father was a teacher in Kentucky which used to have a great pension system that purchased stocks and mutual funds on his behalf and also a retirement income that was quite good. He worked for 40 years as a teacher in High School and at the University. Above that, he earns enough on social security alone to pay for his and my mother’s expenses, so everything else is profit.
  2. My father was able to buy productive farmland from his father and uncles/aunts at a low price and it creates an automatic income stream every year that would also be enough to pay all of their bills if that is all they had to live on.


So, when you look at that, you think that those are probably not going to happen to most people. Yes, my teaching peeps are retiring right now and will have a good pension plan and social security waiting for them, and God knows they deserve it. But, what about the 2nd part? What about having even more income coming in automatically. Would that not be something worth working towards? I think so.

The 3rd thing that was fortunate was that my mother was an incredible secretary/treasurer. She funneled all of these profits into other income/profit creating investments like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. So, they received automatic income from Social Security, the Pension and the Farm and were able to purchase more automatic income from the investments, although they are extremely low-interest bearing investments. However, they are secure investments.

Most of the general public will not have these resources when they retire. Job security going forward, becoming older and having less energy all coupled with the continuing threats for the government to cut social security and Medicare benefits are things that will become increasingly difficult for retirement age people.

Couple that with the fact that most are also employee-oriented, meaning they don’t have business mindsets.

How can the FRA – “Future Retirees of America” going to survive?

I think one great answer is through affiliate and network marketing. Why?

Because it is based on profits not wages, AND there are always new retirees coming into the fold, while those who get older will eventually pass away, God bless their souls.

Affiliate and Network Marketing are “pass it forward” types of businesses. What do I mean by that?

It means that those who are in a given program first earn commissions based on those they sell a product to and/or sign up. But, in signing up and selling affiliate products to them, they are giving them the opportunity to do the same for others. You are passing forward through sales an opportunity to earn income as well as the usefulness of the products themselves, whatever they happen to be.

If you were an employee all of your life, this is your chance to become a business person and earn profits on top of whatever retirement income you may make.

Here are the benefits to retired people who want to create this kind of income and activity in their lives.

  1. Product creation and maintenance, the accounting, and the customer service are all done by the company, not by the affiliate/associate.
  2. There is no limit to how much money you can earn.
  3. You can build an automatic residual income online that pays month after month.
  4. You can deduct expenses from your taxes.
  5. You have your own business that you can work on as much or as little as you want.
  6. You can work where, when and with who choose to work with.
  7. You learn new skills that are marketable in the workplace as well.
  8. You can build an organization with your family and friends if you want to, which is the entire idea, to begin with. (WHY? NO MARKETING COSTS!)
  9. You make the sale once and earn repeatedly.


Whether you choose to do straight affiliate marketing or also add a network marketing aspect to it, which I would recommend as well, the choice is yours.

Let me remind you about what it is I am showing you…

People will need and want the products you are promoting because the desired result from doing this is to earn automatic residual monthly income. What I am showing you isn’t the ONLY way to do it, but it is ONE WAY of doing that is simple to understand and can be replicated.

Once you learn ONE WAY to do it, then you can master it.


I have spent a long time looking and learning about these business models and have admittedly struggled because of the many different types of training you get from the companies who create these programs. I have a problem with most of these pieces of training, they don’t really show it from a numbers perspective and actually make it too complicated to do with all of the lead capture pages, the prospecting methods, three-way calls and emailing till you drop methods.

I believe that you have to approach this like an insurance agent. You have to be able to present the program, the numbers and fill out the sales sheet for them. That means, that you walk them through it, and by doing so, show them how they can walk others through it.

So, what are the steps to walking them through it?

  1. Have a good third-party presentation to show them.
  2. Show them social proof that other people just like they are who are doing it.
  3. Show them numbers on how they can reach certain income goals.
  4. Fill out the form for them, let them enter their financial information, and have them press the purchase button.
  5. After they have completed this, you will also help them set up their system so that they get eligible to earn commissions by getting the tax forms filled out and sent in and so they can show others how to do the same thing. (This can also be done per screen share video)
  6. Welcome them into their own business and have them join a group on Facebook so they can also use it to show their prospects social proof when they are promoting it to others. It is important to show that the group is a closed group and that the only people in the group are those who have purchased and are doing the same thing.


People don’t trust themselves to do it right and they won’t do it unless they know they are doing it the right way.

I think it is important to point out that this is strictly for business. It is strictly to build a way to earn income. It is not a religion, or a cult or a club of any kind. It is a mastermind, to coin a term made famous by Napoleon Hill. Everyone works together so everyone profits.

You want to get your work done in this business and then go out and enjoy your retirement, you don’t want this business to take up all of your time or require you to be somewhere. You want freedom AND income AND you want to help others achieve that as well.

There are purchases to be made, yes. But this is the least expensive business with the highest return potential of anything else you can do.

  • no employees
  • no bosses
  • no commuting

If you are retired or will be soon, I can’t figure why anyone wouldn’t want to do this. It gives you something great to do that benefits others and you still have your life to enjoy!

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