Below you will find the links to the programs that I use and promote to build my business.

Please go to the Concept page to see what my plan is for building online automatic residual income in such a way that really anyone can do it.

I will also be using a Tutorials page to show you what you need to do to buy products and also sign up for their affiliate sites as well.

This really is a copy and paste type of business.

I’m excited. So should you be!


Timothy Simpson

Program Number 1

The Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy is a company run by two guys I have known about for several years and really like this product and affiliate program that gives you the possibility to learn about marketing online and earn very high percentage commissions. I highly recommend to locking arms with us to help you create a compelling income and to stay on task with trainings.

Program Number 2

Global Domains International

Global Domains International provides very useful services such as domain registration, 10 email addresses, a word press blog (this is one right here), hosting, and forwarding if you want it. It also comes with replicated websites set up with your affiliate ID.  It is a multi-level straight forward affiliate program, so you work just like a regular affiliate and so do those who you sponsor but your commissions are also based on commissions on your affiliate team. So, it is a network marketing company.  The great thing about this is that it is something everyone can afford at $10 a month.