Sometimes life can be a very anxious experience. Some of it is caused by others, much of it is self-inflicted. Knowing the difference is important because we can change what we do to ourselves, but we have no control over others.

There are a couple of areas I believe where you always need to work with a professional to make sure that you get accurate and wise advice, help, and expertise.

I believe that everyone should use an accountant that you can count on, have a long-term financial advisor who helps you plan your financial life, and have a good lawyer that you trust with a reputable firm so they aren’t working alone, to advise you in all of your legal matters.

Then you need to use them on a regular basis and keep constant contact with them just so you never get off track. The lawyer is important for things like wills, powers of attorney’s, contracts, and any other legal matter that may arise.

The thing is unless you are a professional accountant, lawyer, or financial advisor, it is impossible for you to know enough about any of those areas to do competent work in. You aren’t one of those professions because they aren’t your passion. You are meant to do something else. Why spend valuable time doing a shoddy job of managing the most important life areas there are.

A doctor doesn’t operate on their own body. That would be crazy.

Get all of your ducks in a row. Make sure your life is free of worry, stress, and confusion by getting with these people and making a plan for your life.

It seems like this is the “Elephant in the room” nobody is talking about. I believe a lot of people would be in a much better place if they just worked with professionals concerning the important parts of their lives.

So, no matter what happens, there is always a chance to start getting things right and to plan for yourself a compelling future with confidence and accurate thinking.