People are reluctant to join things. Especially when it involves paying a monthly fee. That is understandable.

Why? Because they know that in order to get their money’s worth that have to actually go and do what that club offers.

For someone who wants to become fit, joining a fitness club with all of the equipment, facilities, and trainers to help you make a lot of sense. But, it requires that you actually go to it.

Most of the people who belong to a fitness club…don’t go to it regularly enough to have it really help them. Who has 3 hours a day to go golfing anyway?

Joining an online business membership also requires your attendance. Otherwise, you won’t get the benefit of being a part of it. Sure, it may have all of the bells and whistles on the website, and all the training videos you could want, but the real benefit of an online membership is to participate in it every day, as a customer and as a someone who wants to learn leadership.

Memberships are the best way to sustain a business. It guarantees repeat business. For a business that wants to foster the development of residual income for its members, then it is everything to grow a membership.

I am unsure if the model will really work on a large scale if a network marketing component is not present especially if the topic of the membership is home businesses like network marketing.

But, I believe it is better to do a straightforward affiliate program with memberships because it means that the members who are there are there for the right reasons. To make money selling affiliate products online and doing the work to achieve that by themselves and not relying on “duplication” in network marketing to make you a fortune.

To go to a meeting with an online membership all you have to do is go to your computer and log on and boom, you are there! Such membership is open 24/7 because the meetings are recorded live and if you can’t make it to the live meeting you can attend later. I will have to say being there live is much better and more effective.

But what is really great about the membership model? Commissions of course! A membership site can offer high commissions because the cost of running the website remains constant no matter how many members there are. Plus, content and value grow within the site so that the older the membership site gets, the more valuable it becomes, so the less you actually pay per piece of content goes down over time.

I think membership marketing is a great way to build income in your portfolio of businesses to become involved with.