Selling becomes easy when you have a great relationship with a list of people who are wanting what you are offering.

The checkboxes of internet marketing success.

1. You have established yourself as a like-able, approachable, dependable, honest, and trustworthy person. People know you, trust you, and like you.

2. You have established a relationship with the people on your list through good will, information, asking questions about them, and have a pleasant personality.

3. You understand their problems (because you’ve asked them), you are constantly trying to help them solve those problems.

4. You offer them products that solve their problems or give them something they want.

5. You follow up, in your communication, and most importantly after they purchase. You appreciate your customers and value you them because they are paying your meal ticket.

Easy right?

Well maybe not, but look at it this way. Everything on that list has nothing to do with selling, it has to do with serving. You actually never really sell, you serve your list. Like at a restaurant. You let them see what is on the menu today and you offer it to them.

But first, you MUST have a list. There is no business if you have no list.

So, the number one job is looking for people, opening up conversations, establishing rapport (which doesn’t mean talking about the weather or who won the world series), and creating a good feeling between you.

I will do my best to do these things with as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

Bon voyage!