When I first started considering doing internet marketing and building an income using virtual products that are needed to build and income online, people kept talking about “the work” involved in it.

I never could really understand what they were talking about because doing what you have to do in internet marketing didn’t ever seem like real work to me. But, now I see it as it is.

It is work.

What is the work involved?

The work is:

  • sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen, figuring out programs, plugins, and systems.
  • it is creating lead capture pages that actually convert leads
  • it is setting up a funnel that works 24/7 so you don’t have to be “live” all the time.
  • it is targeting your marketing to fit your offers so that you don’t have leads that don’t want what you are selling.
  • it is doing live events online so that people know you are real
  • it is writing emails to your customers who are actually real people and giving them what THEY want.
  • it is corresponding with your list so they know that you are there for them.
  • but most of all it is doing things that you don’t get paid to do, so that you can get paid to do less and less.

What do you need to market online?

  • Computer or access to a computer – the faster the better.
  • Internet Connection – the faster the better.
  • Internet based programs
    • Auto-Responder – for emails to your list.
    • Funnel Builder – to build a list to a targeted market/people
    • Training to learn how to market and get traffic
    • Training on how to set up social media
    • Media Editing Programs (not necessary but it helps)
    • Media Hosting Programs (not necessary but it helps)
  • The best camera you can find
    • Videos
    • Photos
      • it can be a smartphone or real camera as long as the quality is good.

However it really comes down to a couple of ideas really.

  1. Build a list of people who want what you are selling.
  2. Show them how to get it.

However, when I consider the people who are really successful online here are the things they are doing. (This is what I “know” about.)

  • They have social media accounts.
    • FB, YouTube, MeWe, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN etc. at least 2 or three of these.
  • They do frequent webinars. So they have zoom or some other webinar host.
  • They send out emails.
  • They market constantly to get more traffic to THEM, not their offers.
  • They have a website/s where they are the authority on a given subject.
  • They track, test, and evaluate their work with real numbers.
  • They create a loyal following.

So, the idea that there is no work to it is actually really not true. There is a lot to do, and to do it well you have to organize yourself. Not only do you have to be smart, diligent, and staying current on all of your systems, but you also have to remain calm and stay healthy so the “Sitting Diseases” don’t come to you. These are diseases and health issues that arise when all you do is sit at a desk and look at a display all day long.

But, the real work is simply this….

You MUST have fun doing it!

Make it fun for yourself and be a fun person online, knowledgeable yes, but also enjoyable to watch. Have a willingness to help your customers where you can.

So, before I didn’t know what the work was, now I do. Now you do to. It is a commitment to succeed and you don’t get paid until someone purchases something. Sometimes it is hard to see what good all of your work is doing.

Yes, you can be your own boss, set your own hours, and make as much as you want or can, but it does take work over the long haul. There is no substitution for strategy, commitment, persistence, and communication.