I’m no expert. Let’s get that straight right now. Everything I say on this blog post is pure brainstorming and really just an attempt to look at ways to secure a financial future that you have some control over.

The idea is to focus on things that
are connected to large companies which have solid histories and a reliable reputation
have a common cause or mission

An area I have lightly dabbled in is investments and although the future is always unpredictable I believe that investing wisely, whatever that means, can make you more secure moving forward. When investing I believe there are two factors that are important if what you are trying to do is create wealth.

1. That you invest in companies that pay dividends, and are solid here to stay businesses. You first set your investment to automatically reinvest so you are building a “cash machine”, plus look at companies that have a low cost per share but a high dividend rate. Even though your payouts are taxable as income, it is still a cash machine.

2. Look for companies poised to make huge gains in newly breaking technologies. These may not produce dividends, but the gain in value could very well make you a lot of money. Here a little bit of money can turn into a large payout if you sell at the right time.

3. SALES. When you can sell you can control your future. This is also an area that I am not an expert at, but when you consider that commissions paid can be consistent income streams for you then one would have to be interested in creating sales of products and services that are affordable, reliable, have lucrative commissions, and are residual in nature. (Residual means that the product/service has a monthly fee and produces a monthly commission, OR, you purchase the product once and can sell it over and over again for future pure profit.

4. Combining sales and investing is taking the income you make from sales and investing in companies that will multiply your earnings.

5. The “Job”. While the goal is to become free from having to work as an employee, being an employee is very important because it is this that also gives you “now” money, provides benefits, creates retirement accounts, and pays the bills. This gives you stability and a certain amount of security and helps you pay the bills while you build investments and create sales to put the cherry on top.

6. A united cause. What is meant by that? Well, it means that you “join” group memberships that are designed to build a network around a central cause which also has a membership involved where you can earn commissions by increasing the number of referrals you make into the membership. It is easier to present a membership motivated by a cause because it speaks to people with the same interests and unifies an area that was before disconnected and not lucrative.

7. Permanence and Longevity: It is important to see everything as “long term”. In other words you want to commit to things permanently and stay the course over the long term. This ensures growth even when things may temporarily may go up and down. So in all you do, start doing things with the long term in mind.

8. Leverage: One of the keys to earning money is to have the most people contributing to your earnings as possible. What is the one thing all great companies have in common? A lot of employees working to build the company. No matter which company you look at, the biggest and most successful all run off of employees, the fewest they have to have, and to pay them the least that they can. Large companies are usually built on the backs of minimum wage workers. So, logically, if you can find a way to have a lot of people working on your behalf, that is one of the pieces of the puzzle and should be a part of your plan. One of the best ways to do this is through a Network Marketing company. You “sell” things that people want and need, and build the number of sales people that support your business. This way, you don’t have to own the business, but you can build your own business using that business as if it is yours. Again, you want to be with a company that is solid, and has products that are solid.

9. Keep an eye on the bottom line. The entire idea behind all of this is that you know what your numbers are and you can watch those numbers go up consistently and reliably over time. This is a really important part of having a happy life.

When you make more than you spend your checking account, the account/s that have your cash, consistently are going up month to month. Watching your bank account empty is possible the most depressing thing that people experience in life. Nothing can give you a better feeling than making more than you spend, to be “BAD DEBT” free, and to be winning the game that YOU are playing and not losing the game that others are playing on you.

Even when stock prices and your investments at face value may go up and down, the revenue you create from your investments should be putting money into your pockets or raising the number of shares you own in reliable businesses.

But, the most important thing is that you study what you are doing which does take time. It is good to have a good partner in investing who you can bang ideas off of.

Organization is Key

If you aren’t organized it will be impossible to do well and you will be wasting a lot of time dealing with “Kleinkram”, a German word for irritating little things you have to do when you aren’t organized”

How to do that?

You need a scoreboard!

Unless you keep score you have no idea where you are, you can’t win unless you know the score. Two things are necessary to have a scoreboard.

1. An accounting system and one you use with your accountant and you know how to use.
2. A platform that tracks your investments which is also the same one your investment partner uses.

If you are…

1. Employed: Working on your chosen profession, building your career, and moving up the ladder of responsibility.
2. Investing in income producing assets with reliable companies.
3. Earn commissions from the sale of products or services.
4. Keeping score and watching your numbers go up.

Then you will most likely know an existence of plenty in your life, which is key in feeling happy.

The antithesis of this is being miserable and knowing that you are living a life based on poverty practices, taking out bad credit, spending money on frivolous pleasures, and always wondering how you are going to get to the next month. I call this “Hell” and it feels like hell, and you can see it on people’s faces when they are in hell.

At the very least, it doesn’t matter how much you make or what you do, legally, to make your money, the important thing is to make sure your numbers always go up and that you keep some of what you earn for your security blanket when hard times hit.


There is no time like the present moment to get started on building “happiness” into your life. Waiting for tomorrow to be a brighter day isn’t the way because as we all know, tomorrow never comes. So, start right now to put all of these pieces together and I believe that a “happy” life is ahead of you.

Happiness is independent financial security, not money.

I think people get confused about what money does for them. Money can’t buy you happiness. That is true. But not having money will certainly not bring you happiness. That is a proven fact.

People talk about “Freedom” as if it is an attainable thing. There is no such thing as “Freedom”. What they mean is actually being independent financially secure.

You don’t actually really want “Freedom” at all. What you want is that what you are permanently doing is

“Incarcerating yourself inside your own bank vault full of ways to earn more money.”

This is a full time responsibility. So, you aren’t “Free” but “Chained” to that which will give you your independent financial security.

Those are my thoughts on the subject. What you do with that is 100% your responsibility.