Maybe school has changed a lot since I was in it. After all, it has been over 40 years ago since I graduated from high school. I hope so. In my experience, they left out a whole lot of valuable pieces of information that I believe most people don’t grasp the importance of, not only in high school, but also in college.

The idea of working hard to do the best that you can just wasn’t impressed on us throughout school. Maybe they assumed everyone had their own motivation? I know from the student’s perspective, most people were concerned with the social aspects of school, or being on the football team, or if you were like me, sailing.

Why is this important? Because it determines the quality of our lives and how we approach what we do.

Right now as I write this I have to ask myself the question, “Am I doing “High Achievement Work”? The answer would have to be a big fat “no”…and it shows up in my bank account. Ask yourself, does your bank account reflect high achievement? If the answer is no, then we all must take a good long look at ourselves and not only what we are doing but how we are doing it.

I am tired of spinning my wheels on the computer and not actually seeing results. It makes me never want to turn on the computer again. In the beginning I thought, this doesn’t really feel like “work” to me. It just isn’t that hard. But now, I am having real difficulty in just sitting down and focusing on what I need to do to be successful online…because the truth is…it bores me.

But what else bores me?

I went through 3 majors until I finally settled on Music. Why did I flop around so much? Because the other majors I had chosen had bored me. Mechanical Engineering Tech I wasn’t good at because of the math, I didn’t get it, I was bad at it but most of all it bored me to sit down and figure it out.

Next I went to business/pre law, which upon taking an economics course and bookkeeping I figured that I would commit suicide before I locked myself to a table and computer screen all day long.

Broadcasting was great when I got to the performance side. You know, the actual camera work, the production/direction side, and especially the on camera/mic work of announcing and reporting. That was inspiring work to me.

Then with music I was surprised to discover how good I evidently was at it and I had loved it all along singing and playing piano while everyone was asleep. I had found my passion!

But still, even though I achieved a lot of great things performing, I could have done much better in my career had I taken care of the boring stuff going along. With performing, you really have to know your stuff like the back of your hand, because it must be yours to give away, and that takes tedium. In addition to the musical and memory challenges that faces an operatic singer, you have to manage yourself well, which takes work and honest evaluation.

No matter how much money you make, it doesn’t do any good if you don’t manage it well, that is, keep it and grow it, which takes yes, boring work and constant inspection.

So, when I write here about the importance of “Becoming an Expert and the value of aiming high” I mean doing the boring dirty work that it takes to become a master at whatever you are doing, especially the boring tedious side of it.

Internet Affiliate Marketing is the same as all other enterprises. You have to look at it as becoming a medical doctor, an attorney, a high level business manager, or a PhD in any discipline. It is called becoming a professional, where you make money doing what you do.

Being an affiliate marketer online is a white collar occupation. It is NOT a job, but you have to DO the JOBS it takes to be successful. To be successful at anything you must work hard at it doing the little tedious work better than anyone else, to the best of your ability AND NOT STOPPING UNTIL YOU ARE DONE. Then tomorrow is the same.

There is only one path to FREEDOM, and that is through hard, tedious work.

Make no mistake. People like to make you think that affiliate marketing online is easy and you don’t have to punch a clock or report to a boss to do it, and that is true. BUT! You do have to become an expert at it over the long term if you want it to be a life supporting occupation.

FREEDOM doesn’t mean a life without hard work, it means doing the work on your terms.

The things that make being an affiliate marketer online attractive to me…

  • It doesn’t require hard physically taxing labor
  • I can do it when and where I want
  • I can master it
  • I can do it no matter how young I am or how old I get
  • I can become as good at it as I want
  • I can help people not only with products they need
  • I can help people learn the skills of internet marketing.
  • I can build a long term automatic residual monthly income
  • I can earn money on single sales
  • I can become a leader
  • I determine my own success
  • I can be creative!

So there is a lot to like about becoming an internet marketer. BUT it all starts with this…

The mindset of mastery and constant practice.

Set your work times, dig in and get it right, 100% is always the goal. Consistent, persistent, committed, and creative mastery are the goals.


Everyone can get 100% on a test. Some may be able to do it faster than others, but everyone can get there. (Of course I realize there are handicapped people who have difficulty, but even they may be able to get there as well, it will just take a little longer.)

But, nobody requires people to get 100%, except in Medicine and Accounting. To me that is the problem in society. People expect to become successful working at being 75%, and it isn’t going to happen.

If there is one thing you learn being an opera singer it is that you MUST know your role and the opera 100% when you perform, or even when you start rehearsals. Opera singers are 100%ers. All of that text, in foreign languages, all of the complex music, and the stage direction, role and historic preparation. Instrumentalists too, nobody wants to hear a performer play 80% of the notes correctly or just know 75% of the music and stop mid way through a piece of music.

There were gigs I did where I wasn’t 100% and let me assure you, that is NO FUN at all, and it is embarrassing, and you completely lose the respect of your colleagues, and you don’t get hired back. It is awful. Don’t do it! Be 100%!

So as I write these lines here about becoming an expert at affiliate marketing online I am not sugar coating the glamour of it at all. If I want to be successful, if you want to be successful, you MUST be a 100%er and work at a high level of professionalism and expertise. There simply is no other option and then there are no guarantees.

I will say this, you do not want to burn out. In order to maintain a high level of excellence in doing things on the computer it requires that you exercise, that you get recreation, that you have fun and enjoy life, because if you aren’t a joyful person with a positive outlook, it will be difficult to maintain excellence over the long haul, and your marketing will suffer because of it.

Then, know what you are going to do with your money, which is saving and investing in income producing assets, not spending it on fancy cars or big houses which put more pressure on you, and cost you money on a residual basis. High income, low expenses, high return on investments is how you want to live.

Remember, the goal of making money, is to make enough to be able to live off the automatic investment income you earn through your income producing assets over time. This is tedious business but worth it and you will have to sacrifice some things to get there.

Become and expert and design your success for life, and it starts today.

The job of an internet affiliate marketer is to build a business that works automatically. The work is in building, maintaining, monitoring, and tweaking that automation and it takes a lot of work at a high level to be successful. But, you are in control and that makes all the difference.